She had a wonderful way of helping us prepare to sell,

We are Mike and Lisa Kunkel and we asked Christie Manno to be our Real Estate agent. We could not be happier with not only her service but her wonderful personality. We are so impressed with what a great agent she is. She was so informative in knowing so many details of the houses she showed us and her honesty was much appreciated. She has a good sense of picking up on what we liked and didn’t like and was honest in giving her opinion and insight on how we might have been feeling while walking through a house.

It was her gentle nudge that encouraged us to go look at a few of the houses we had previously viewed early on in our search. That was when we found the house that we love and look forward to living in for many years to come. What I’d really love to brag about in regards to Christie is the selling of our previous home. Of course it was a beloved home to us and was very personal. She had a wonderful way of helping us prepare to sell, again by being honest and letting us know what we needed to do and what wasn’t important to do when putting it on the market.

Honestly you cannot find a better agent than Christie she worked her butt off to sell that house and her marketing and outgoing personality was key.  She was always there when we had questions or concerns I appreciated her patience with us. We are very lucky and blessed to say that she sold our house in record time and worked to get us the best deal possible and we we’re extremely happy with the price she got us. Again record setting! It doesn’t seem enough to say she is Simply the Best But she truly is. She will do whatever it takes. She has an awesome team and we are ecstatic that she is our agent.